Submitted by m7mmadabuzer.

Submitted by m7mmadabuzer.

Don’t forget!

Don’t forget to vote for my dad today to win a new wheelchair van!!

If each and every one you guys votes right now, it will put him in the running! 

It only takes a minute, and you can log in with your facebook. 

And if you want to be especially awesome, you can answer a question and earn an extra vote! (The answer to today’s question is “Original Equipment Manufacturer”). If you all do this, he’ll almost definitely win! 

This means so, so, so much to my family! Thank you!!


The ask and submission boxes ARE BACK! Got an introverted problem? Let me know!


You’ll have to excuse me, though, because even though it’s back on, I still have quite a few questions/submissions still in my inbox, and I’m trying to get through them in order without spamming everyone’s dash. SO. While it might take me a little while to get through to new asks/submissions, I WILL GET THERE! So don’t worry :)

Since our society values extroverts so much, it's nice to have place just for us introverts. Thanks for creating this space. X

So glad you like it! It’s nice to not feel alone :)

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100th pic post!! WOO! :D

Submitted by kisssyouintherainso.

100th pic post!! WOO! :D

Catching up on submissions/questions today! I’ll try not to spam your dashboard, but hey! This is good news because after today I’m finally opening the submission box!! WOO!


Don’t forget to vote for my dad today to win a new wheelchair accessible van! It would mean SO SO much to my family if you did! You can login with your facebook and vote once a day and it only takes a minute! Click here to vote!

And if you want to be especially awesome, you can answer a trivia question to get an extra vote! Today’s answer is “conversion.”

Thank you so much!

Have an absolutely magical day :)

Submitted by gustavofanani.

Submitted by gustavofanani.

Calling all introverts!

Hello again fellow introverts! Renée here. So sorry about not posting lately, but don’t worry, posting will resume very soon! But first, I need a favor from all of you…

My dad has been entered into a contest to win a new wheelchair accessible van! He’s a quadriplegic (paralyzed from the neck, down) and will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Since the wheelchair van we have now is in need of some really intense repairs we have no funds for, we will soon be without a van, and my dad will have no way to get to appointments and other important things. 

We are not asking anyone for money, but it would mean such a great deal for all of you to go to the contest website and vote for him!!  

Just follow this link and log in with your facebook to cast a vote! You can vote once a day until voting closes, and all of the information provided by your facebook is completely private. It won’t get to anyone, including my family. We just need your vote!

This website is legit, it isn’t a hoax, and neither is my dad’s story. It only takes a minute!


A picture of my mom and dad:

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

I hope it’s so fantastic!

(…and to all my Doctor Who fans out there who live in London…do watch out for aliens, yeah? Christmas day, you know the drill).


"Hey! Wanna go out and do something social?"

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